My AtS/BtVS Master Rec List (Last Updated: 01.06.08)

Not all of these are great works of literature. They're just stories I've enjoyed for various reasons. Feel free to link to me to stories I don't have on here that you've enjoyed. Just, please, no Angel/Buffy, Buffy/Spike, or Tara/Willow.

FRC — Fan Rated Suitable For Children
FRT — Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
FRM — Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
FRAO — Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only

The Princess of Parallelograms [livejournal][oangel][wonderhorse]
author: tesla
rating: FRT
summary: Sometimes I think it's impossible to really translate physics for the non-physicist. Just like it's impossible for any one person to translate what they're thinking to another, even when they're working on the same problem. Sometimes I think it's impossible to explain reality.
why: I love the shifting of time and sometimes possibilities. The language is not flowery, but it conveys so much more than you'd expect.

Swimmer in the Secret Sea [livejournal][oangel]
author: tesla
rating: FRM
summary: a pwp, early in season 3 AtS
why: Dude... just... It's Angel and Fred, matter of fact, no fumbling or overt craziness. Just Angel and Fred and a bathtub. I think it's the bathtub that gets to me.

Tonight is Real [livejournal]
author: pepperlandgirl4
rating: FRC
summary: I guess it's set post-5.8 "Destiny." I don't have any real time line in mind though. Just some fluff. 995 words.
why: Though she describes it as fluff, it's more like soft angst. Angst, with a touch of hope. That, and it seems like it could have been.

Up at the Old Hotel [livejournal][oangel][wonderhorse]
author: tesla
rating: FRC
summary: Bet they did more than eat ice cream.
why: This one kinda takes you by surprise. It's not really angst, fluffy, romantic or any of that. It just... is. Again, I could so totally buy this happening in that time-frame.


Minas Troney in the Soup [insanejournal][livejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRT
summary: My mind randomly lit upon one of my very favorite books. These two seemingly disparate things merged in my brain and refused to be untangled. So I ripped chunks of the book, bleeding, from their context (including the title, which basically has nothing to do with the story, but which is a chapter title in the book) and jerry-rigged them into this little tale of Angel/Willow/Spike and life after NFA.
why: A break from Gabrielle's usual style, but it made me laugh hard. It's just so true to some of the funny episodes in the series, IMO.


Damaged Goods [insanejournal][livejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: What do you do when the reward for fighting the good fight is betrayal and loss?
why: It's beautiful and darker. While they're happy, it's a difficult kind of happiness.

Escape Me Never [insanejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwip
rating: FRAO
summary: What if no one had been there to save her when Angelus grabbed Willow in the hallway?
why: It's dark, Angel's not such a selfless hero, and it shows realistic consequences to a fantastically horrific situation.

Hell To Pay [insanejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRAO
summary: Angel is back from Hell. And Willow finds out the hard way that having his soul doesn't make him a good guy.
why: You haven't read truly dark Angel/Willow until you've read this. It's going to probably turn your stomach and you'll definitely hate Angel for this one. If you're not sure you can handle dark, DO NOT read this one. I'm proud to say that I'm the reason she wrote and finished this bad boy. Lord is it ever evil. Angel gives Angelus some real competition for the most evil bastard title in this one.

Soulmates [insanejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: Willow finds Angel in the mansion shortly after his return from hell.
why: This story shows what can go wrong with having a soulmate.

The Secret [insanejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRAO
summary: A darker take on the events of Lover's Walk.
why: The summary only really tells you where it starts out. This tale is mostly about what happens after all that. This shows a very obsessive/possessive/manipulative side of Soul!Angel. It makes you want to cry for Willow and at the same time, you don't really hate Angel all that much.


The Faceless Clock [the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: Dru's plan to win back her Daddy has unexpected consequences.
why: One of the few fics I've read that does Dru in a way that I can read. Not only that, you have a corrupted Soul!Angel who's obsessed with Willow and Dru who is, as always, obsessed with 'Daddy'.

Facing the Clock [the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: Sequel to The Faceless Clock. One year to the day after her abduction...
why: One of the few fics I've read that does Dru in a way that I can read. Not only that, you have a corrupted Soul!Angel who's obsessed with Willow and Dru who is, as always, obsessed with 'Daddy'.


His or Hers? [livejournal]
author: darsynia
rating: FRT
summary: Giles wishes he had the courage to tell Willow something, but he doesn't want to have to call on Ripper to do it. Instead, he dreams up a different way to let her know...
why: While I usually don't find this pairing believable, I think the characters are kept true enough to themselves so that it makes you think that they would act like this... if that makes sense.


If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars on Horseback, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades [insanejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: Some things end before they ever begin./Tara is gone, but two people still remember.
why: Because this is one of the few believable Spike/Tara fics I've read. That, and I always love Gabrielle's Spike voice. Warning, though it starts out as Spike/Tara, it's mostly Spike/Willow.


A Day Like a Gift [recherché elenorlaura]
author: Elen
rating: FRM
summary: Spillow holiday.
why: Though it was intended to be fluffy, it has some many underlying layers of angst and future pain that it causes you to ache just from reading it. It just hurts to read, in the best ways.

The Dollhouse [the velvet vampire
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: Willow's life as Spike's captive.
why: This is like the early stages of Stockholm Syndrome brought to life. This clearly shows Willow slowly breaking down and Spike just doing what it is in his nature to do. I fell in love with this story from the very beginning and, shortly there after, started stalking the author's LJ. This is Spillow as it would have been if he managed to control the urge to kill her.

The Taste of Aunt Sophronia [insanejournal][livejournal][the velvet vampire]
author: velvetwhip
rating: FRM
summary: He’s good for what ails her.
why: This does a great job of showing how cruel Willow has it in her to be. I don't see a lot of that portrayed in well written fic, especially in a short fic.


I can't tell you how flattered I am to be so well-represented on this list! Golly! Wow! Gee Whiz!

I am insanely attached to your work.
I am humbled by your esteem because I know how fussy you are. And may I add what a fan I am of your work?

And now you make me blush!
It's the truth...Measuring Time, Cheating, She Could Love Him...I adore them all!


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"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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