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on July 20th, 2008 at 09:14 am

Review [sorta]: My Name is Earl & Lick of Frost

Okay, so my husband rented the first season of My Name is Earl last night. I had never seen this show because it looked about stupid. Well, we ended up watching the first 14 freaking episodes last night. It was freaking hilarious. It's like a Kevin Smith movie in a way: on paper it seems like the kind of thing I would absolutely hate, but when put into action, I love it.

Now, for a little secret [nothing to do with My Name is Earl]. I read Laurell K. Hamilton books. You see, I got started on the Anita Blake series back when I was a teen walking to the nearest library and borrowing as many books as I could fit into my deep coat pockets [10 average size paperbacks, if anyone's interested]. Does anyone remember those first few books? They had plot, and Richard didn't make ya wanna slice and dice a fictional character? So do I.

Now I read because it's a compulsion. I started the series and got more than 3 books in, so I have to complete it. Just like if I own two or more seasons of a show, I must own them all. Anyway, I started the Merry Gentry series because... I was desperate for something to read. Anyway, it had plot at the beginning.

Guess what? I found plot again in Lick of Frost! Granted, it's not a great plot, and Merry is even more of a Sue than ever [who doesn't want her now?], but there is a shred of a plot.


Should the presence of plot in a LKH book be considered a spoiler for those who haven't read it?

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