[Review] Dollhouse 1.06 The Man on the Street

Writer:Joss Whedon
Director:David Solomon
Actors:Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, Olivia Williams, Fran Kranz, Harry J. Lennix, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman, Reed Diamond, Amy Acker
Guest:Miracle Laurie, Aisha Hinds, Kevin Kilner, Liza Lapira, Mark A. Sheppard, David Barry Gray, Patrick Stinson, Patton Oswalt

Echo becomes the perfect wife for a lonely internet mogul and Sierra's attacker is revealed. Meanwhile, Mellie's life is in danger and Agent Ballard's investigation takes a surprising turn when he comes face-to-face and goes fist to-fist with Echo for the very first time.

My Thoughts:

This is, of course, the much anticipated 6th episode. The one we were told the show would hit it's stride in. And, it didn't disappoint, IMO. There was so much I loved about this episode, especially going in unspoiled.

First, let's start with what I liked. I really enjoyed the whole documentary being shown inter spliced with the episode's other plots. It did a nice job of showing various people's reactions to the idea of the Dollhouse while not totally making a judgment call on it. I don't like morality shoved down my throat or spoon-fed to me. Also, it was nice that those reactions to it were shown in both Tanaka [I so wanted to slap that douche] and Ballard [when he was interacting with Mynor].

Another thing I liked was the bitter-sweet interactions between Victor, Sierra, and Echo. Speaking of which, is it mean or do they all have that slightly stoned air about them, not just childish innocence? It was really noticeable with Sierra, but I'm seeing it more and more in Victor and Echo. Well, Victor least of all.

My favorite thing of all in the episode? Paul and Mellie. Though, the Paul obsession with Caroline is wearing thin. Still, unexpected!sex scene! That first kiss was off the charts in hotness. However, the scene of them eating take-out together was unexpectedly sweet. He just off the cuff, as if were common knowledge and shouldn't be out of the ordinary to say, simply tells her she's gorgeous. Her little pause made me squee. And, I giggled over "What a Rick!"

When Mellie and Paul did end up sleeping together, and they were all blissful and 'let's be a team' post-coital, I expected her to die or be a doll. I figured more on dying because the actress was originally cast as November so I thought it was too obvious. I'm actually glad I was proved wrong. However, I'm not to happy about that scene. It was creepy and disturbing, as it should have been, but it seemed to go on a little too long. The sleeper/trigger bit was a very nice twist. But now my 'omgcute!ship' has turned into my 'omgdoomed!ship'.

Now for the 'meh'. The whole engagement with Mynor. I could have almost felt where he was coming from if it weren't for the fact that he was going to have sex with her. It made him into just another john paying a pimp for a person who can't give consent in my eyes. However, he did have some good points in regards to Ballard. The only non-meh thing about that encounter was 'Rebecca's' shocked and outraged "Porn!" I liked, Eliza's whole performance as Rebecca was really well done. However, the whole bit where Ballard kicks the asses of Mynor's entire security staff is more than a bit over the top, IMO. However, Tahmoh did look good doing it. Almost as good as he looked during the fight scene with Echo. Tahmoh does fight scenes very well, I'll give him that.

The sub-plot with Sierra seemed a bit convoluted. It probably would have been served better as the main story of an episode, not the b-plot. However, Victor's reactions to Sierra and the whole situation almost elevate this from 'meh' to good. When Victor said "I did something bad." "What did you do?" "Nobody will tell me." it nearly broke my heart. I figured they wouldn't go there, and at worst would have it be an innocent affectionate gesture that triggered some memory. I was skeeved at where they do go, but I figure I was supposed to be, so that's good. Also, I cheered when Boyd decked that nasty handler. There's a reason Boyd is my favorite character.

Now for the mole. We can rule out Topher as being it since it was obvious by the door that was closed when he left and open when he returned that someone did come in while he was talking to Boyd. And, unless it's at least two people working together, that also rules out Boyd. As for who else it could be, well, anybody really.

All in all, an episode that really picked up the pace and shone above the previous episodes. I'm hoping the rest are all as good as this one.


This episode was the stuff of awesomeness. While I didn't really like his story, I liked Patton Oswalt's acting. And the whole "Porn!" deal made me laugh out loud.

Paul and Mellie was so sudden and so hot! But I wished he would stop going on about his obsession when he's with Mellie. It makes it seem as if she's less important than Caroline.

The whole Sierra storyline was good, but seemed to get the short shrift in comparison to everything else. Victor's "I did something bad" brought tears to my eyes. And I cheered (and probably woke up my neighbor) when Boyd punched the rapist's lights out. And then at the end, the "Would you like to look at this book with me?" scene with Sierra and Victor was so sweet. If I hadn't started feeling a little bit of V/S shippiness, I would have after that.

All in all, a superior episode when contrasted with what came before.


Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued

"I thought," said Piglet earnestly, "that if Eeyore stood at the bottom of the tree, and if Pooh stood on Eeyore's back, and if I stood on Pooh's shoulders----"

"And if Eeyore's back snapped suddenly, then we could all laugh. Ha ha! Amusing in a quiet way," said Eeyore, "but not really helpful."

"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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