[info]lilbreck wrote
on May 1st, 2010 at 09:52 am

There I go, committing fanfic again!

When Gods Collide [AtS/BtVS, Illyra, Willow, implied Angel/Willow, FRC, written for [livejournal.com profile] monicaop]
At my personal archive.
At InsaneJournal.
At Dreamwidth.
At my writing journal.
At nha_fic.

In other news, I just realized that my Dreamwidth account ([dreamwidth.org profile] tmbreck) could be read as Too Much Breck. You'd tell me if there was too much of me, yeah? :)

Also, I'm trying to decide if I should bookmark my fic posts to communities in my delicious account if I'm only linking in those posts to other sites with the fic. I'm thinking not, as you usually don't have comments on those posts. I did, however, save them to my memories so that I knew which communities I was posting to. I didn't save the posts where I put the actual fic, because I have those already bookmarked in delicious. See how organized I am?

However, I am trying to figure out which communities I should post my fic to. And I should actually try posting them to Dreamwidth and Insanejournal communities, as well. And, of course, I need to hunt down a Star Trek beta as my long-term beta is not in the fandom and hasn't watched the show/movies anytime recently. Does anyone know of a place I can go to get Star Trek specific betas where it's pretty straight-forward how to do it? I'm looking for someone who's willing to beta no matter the pairing, character, and squick/trigger factor. I have a feeling I'm going to be going dark with many a character and pairing... If I manage to keep writing.

Speaking of fic; McChekov? Killing me here.

How is everyone's morning going?

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