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As some of you might know, you can find all of my recs here at my delicious account. At the bottom of those post will be a copy/paste thing for you to comment with if you want me to read something and maybe put it on my rec list in the future.

Some of these are older, some of them may be newer. Shall we begin?


In the Name of Research [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] snogged
pairing: Darla/Fred
rating: FRM
summary: Darla proves to be quite the research subject.
why: Because it's not a pairing that I've seen much of... or at all really, and it was done IC, at least I think so. Also, it's hot.


Mind Games [location: personal archive]
author: [ profile] janedavitt
pairing: Spike/Willow
rating: FRM
summary: Willow uses her telepathic powers on Spike in the aftermath of Buffy's death, causing him pain and forging a link.
why: It's someone using magic to fuck with another person's mind... that's like a bullet-proof kink for me! Add to that the fact that it's Spike/Willow, and I'm sold.

Chronicles of Riddick / Star Trek: AOS

I Heard What You Said of the Universe [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] tigriswolf
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRM
summary: none given
why: It's epic and angsty, and I love the focus on the Riddick/Vaako relationship.

Doctor Who

Second Chances [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] katherine_b
pairing: Donna/Ten
rating: FRT
summary: Donna's beginning to remember...
why: This is a three parter (they all link from the bottom of each chapter, so you're good) that deals with the doctor fixing that whole memory wipe thing. Just to warn you, it does end up being a baby-fic. It's also a very nice glimpse into their life.

Second Chances: Wing and a Prayer [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] katherine_b
pairing: Donna/Ten
rating: FRC
summary: The Doctor is desperate for Donna to survive. He’ll even cross his own timeline if he has to.
why: While it's not necessary to read this to make Second Chances complete, it's a very nice insight into what was going through the Doctor's mind when he was saving Donna.

Dresden Files - TV

Murphy's Law [location: AO3]
author: [ profile] my_young_friend
pairing: Murphy
rating: FRAO
summary: "And what exactly are you going to tell the lovely Detective?" Bob asked, sarcasm dripping from every word. "Sorry, I tripped and ended up tied to a table, half naked and covered in candlewax?!"
why: It's hotter than a hot thing. Also, hot wax and rope!


My Heart's in Motion [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] niceskin
pairing: Puck/Rachel
rating: FRM
summary: He’s almost positive that this chick is the single coolest chick in the like, universe, that nobody actually thinks is cool.
why: It's hot and in character and it manages to pack a lot of change and development into a short space without making it feel rushed.

Powerless and Burning [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] luxuria_oceanus
pairing: Elle/Sylar
rating: FRAO
summary: Elle has never been powerless before---but that's not the only thing she hasn't felt before.
why: Yes, it's hot, and I love the characterization. However, what makes me love this was the explanation for Elle being a virgin. Seriously, it makes so much sense!

Star Trek

As Easy as One, Two, Three [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] verselle
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy/Spock
rating: FRAO
summary: On shore leave Spock needs a place to crash for the night and comes knocking on Kirk and McCoy's hotel room.
why: While it is very hot, I also love how easily and natural it seems for these three to end up together. It's like they just click, almost like it was inevitable.

Assassins Down the Avenue [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] green_postit
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: Chapel/Scotty, Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: none given
why: Her M!Chapel is so vicious and fierce, and I love the aggressive and relatively healthy relationship between Chapel and Scotty. Seriously, this is hot as can be.

Behind the Mirror [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] diane_kepler
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: McCoy/Uhura (background Spock/Uhura)
rating: FRAO
summary: Even in the mirror-verse, cheating is unwise.
why: It's bad!dirty!wrong, but they are always hot as hell together.

I Do Not Know It's Name [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] slash4femme
source: TOS & AOS
pairing: McCoy/Spock, McCoy/SpockPrime
rating: FRM
summary: Spock never uses the word love.
why: It makes me ache, and it's lovely.

Insight [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] jimpage363
source: AOS
pairing: McCoy/Spock
rating: FRC
summary: McCoy is injured on an away mission and Spock finds out that their relationship is not as it has always seemed.
why: It's beautifully understated and perfect for these two.

Interdepartmental Memo [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] silverlining_99
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: Chapel/Kirk
rating: FRAO
summary: One hallmark of an effective captain is knowing how to get his point across.
why: Because Kirk is a bastard, Chapel is a survivor. It's perfectly mirrorverse.

Jim and Bones and Their Small Moon Adventure [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] linelenagain
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRT
summary: none given
why: It's cracktastic and funny as hell. Seriously, there is no bad here.

Protocol [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] prelives
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/Rand
rating: FRAO
summary: She likes working with him, as much as it pains her to admit. They’ve developed this symbiotic relationship, where she’s learned to anticipate his moods and actions, to constantly stay one step ahead of him.
why: It's so very hot and it makes me really like Rand.

The School of Sensualist Thought [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] halfpenny_press
source: AOS
pairing: Number One/Pike
rating: FRAO
summary: none given
why: It's hot (I say that a lot) and Number One is so very matter-of-fact, take-charge, and sexy!

Treat You So Special [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] mardia
source: AOS
pairing: Chapel/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: “She knows that he was as much of a prodigy as Ensign Chekov, that he’s dedicated and focused and brilliant, but Christine’s honest enough to admit that it’s not professional admiration that’s fueling her need to watch his mouth when he talks.” Written for the Kink Bingo challenge, filling the “service” square.
why: I love her Chapel and how she knows what she wants and goes for it when she sees the chance.

Until I Drown [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] emiliglia
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: Kirk/McCoy/OFC, Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: For this prompt at the ISS Enterprise Kink Meme 2.0: McCoy realizes he'll do anything for Kirk.
why: McCoy is so vicious and utterly loyal to Kirk. And I love that Kirk appreciates it. Fantastic.

Waiting on the King [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] withthepilot
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: Jim and Bones are taken hostage on a non-Federation planet. Jim finds himself waiting on Bones in more ways than one.
why: Because it's very hot and I love picturing Karl Urban as the king. Hey, what can I say, I'm kinda shallow sometimes.

Again, if you have a story you think I'd love, feel free to leave a link here.

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"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

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