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As some of you might know, you can find all of my recs here at my delicious account. At the bottom of those post will be a copy/paste thing for you to comment with if you want me to read something and maybe put it on my rec list in the future.

Some of these are older, some of them may be newer. Oh, and I made a mini-icon for the new Big Bang Theory fics:


Talisman [location: livejournal]
author: [info]samsom
character: Lilly(Anne)
rating: FRC
summary: "Can I be Anne?"
why: It's a wonderfully moving and inspiring short fic about a rarely written character. So very wonderful!

Come Pouring Down Unified [location: personal archive]
author: [info]velvetwhip
pairing: Angel/Willow, Buffy/Spike
rating: FRAO
summary: In the aftermath of the final battle, Willow, Angel, Spike, and Buffy are faced with the challenge of what to do when the war is over.
why: It's a lovely, almost-fluffy fanfic that made me actually cheer for Spuffy. Let us take a moment to contemplate that.

The Big Bang Theory

A Day in the Life [location: livejournal]
author: [info]damalur
pairing: Penny/Sheldon
rating: FRM
summary: March 9th, 2011, is just another day in the life for Penny and her roommate, Dr. Sheldon Cooper.
why: It's a very sweet and subtle look at an average day for these two in the future. They're in a relationship and on the verge of the next step and it's so heart-warming!

The Dissociation Reaction [location: livejournal]
author: [info]slybrunette
pairing: Penny/Sheldon
rating: FRT
summary: Post 3.21 - "The Plimpton Stimulation". She's everyone's favorite until the next pretty girl shows up, and then the boys are drooling at her feet. And maybe Penny's grown tired of that. Maybe she's grown tired of the sudden lack of loyalty.
why: This can either be read as shippy or non and either way it's still so very sweet and lovely.

Driving Lessons [location: livejournal]
author: [info]dashakay
pairing: Penny/Sheldon
rating: FRAO
summary: Snapshots from the first few months.
why: Everyone is beautifully in character and it feels very realistic. It also gets points for the interesting use of the 'Soft Kitty' song.

I Swallow Glass [location: livejournal]
author: [info]damalur
pairing: Penny/Sheldon
rating: FRM
summary: This is the story of the last classic practical joke of Sheldon Cooper, and how Penny has her revenge.
why: This manages to have an un-happy ending that is actually a happy ending. I love Penny in this and adore how strong and independent she became in this story.

The Punnett Square Venture [location: livejournal]
author: [info]boonies
pairing: Penny/Sheldon
rating: FRC
summary: Sheldon decides to reproduce. To everyone's horror, it won't be through mitosis.
why: Besides calling his mother, Penny did the best possible thing she could to discourage Sheldon from having a child in this story. I really love the way the children are shown and referenced as well.

Dresden Files - Book

How Many Licks [location: AO3]
author: [info]beachkid
pairing: Justine/Thomas
rating: FRAO
summary: ...does it take to get to the center of Thomas' neuroses about food and sex?
why: It's hot and angsty and everything that Thomas is when it comes to Justine, IMO.


Prolonged Physical Contact [location: livejournal]
author: [info]fringedweller
pairing: Audrey/Nathan
rating: FRAO
summary: There is a secret plan, although whether it's Audrey's or Nathan's is really anybody's guess. Nathan's inner caveman is just relieved that the plan involves nudity.
why: Because as soon as we find out that she's the only one he can feel, you know a fic about it had to be written. This one was written well and was hot, IMO.


On Paper [location: AO3]
author: Tochira
characters: Jaken, Rin, Sesshomaru
rating: FRC
summary: Wherein Jaken is roped into teaching Rin her letters, and Sesshoumaru is not entirely uninvolved.
why: It is so adorable and feeds into my believe that these three are family through and through.

Star Trek

And Like a Speeding Car (You Want More, More, More) [location: livejournal]
author: [info]mardia
source: AOS
pairing: McCoy/Uhura
rating: FRAO
summary: Written for the 'Uhura Is Awesome' ficfest for [info]where_no_woman, and fills this prompt: McCoy likes to get down on his knees.
why: "OMG IC HOTNESS" pretty much covers it for me.

And What Was Left After That [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] mardia
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: Written for the Kink Bingo challenge and for [info]littledivinity. "McCoy's the best prize she's ever won; next to the Enterprise, of course."
why: (Always a girl)Kirk is so spot on and ruthless and McCoy --while submitting to her-- manages not to come off as weak and wishy-washy. Perfect, IMO.

Control [location: livejournal]
author: [info]down_fell_jill
source: AOS
pairing: Chapel/Uhura
rating: FRAO
summary: Control is never achieved when sought after directly; it is the surprising result of letting go. – James Arthur Ray
why: It's hot and features two of my favorite characters. Did I mention hot?

Diplomacy 101: First, Try Asking Nicely [location: livejournal]
author: [info]slash4femme
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: none given
why: It's angsty, hot, and vaguely co-dependent in the best of ways.

Laid Back [location: livejournal]
author: [info]jouissant
source: AOS
pairing: Scotty/Uhura
rating: FRAO
summary: PWP, rimming, anal sex. For Porn Battle X, prompt: engine, metaphor, laughter.
why: A hot story about two very hot people. Also, besides the sex, you get a feeling that they're very comfortable and happy together. Have i mentioned that I love this pairing?

Live Fast, Regret Later [location: livejournal]
author: [info]djinn_fic
source: TOS
pairing: Chapel/Kirk
rating: FRM
summary: Sometimes why we do things is not that important--other times it is.
why: Jim is all manipulative and an ass while still being the Kirk I love. It feels natural when Chapel and Kirk are together and it's also hot. It doesn't hurt that this was written for my birthday!

Making Friends is Totally Scientific(ish) [location: livejournal]
author: [info]silverlining_99
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: Jim is awesomely weird and Bones is weirdly awesome. And vice-versa.
why: It's Jim stalking Bones, researching his past because he can't resist a mystery. The end makes me giggle.

Mint & Antiseptic Kisses [location: livejournal]
author: [info]andrealyn
source: AOS
pairing: Chapel/Spock/Uhura
rating: FRM
summary: Ever since Christine kissed Nyota at the end of a mission, Spock & Nyota have been thinking of changing their situation.
why: I adore the way that both Spock and Uhura were into getting Christine to join them.

Mirrors Upon Empty Space [location: livejournal]
author: [info]jimpage363
source: AOS Mirrorverse
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: Think of this as a Mirror-verse AU of the Reboot universe. Or, what is more true, JiM got tired of the plethora of Mirror-verse fics that seem to posit a world based entirely upon rape and insanity. I felt like playing around with sane, vicious, ambitious men and what might happen to a reasonably decent human being born in the wrong damn universe. So - no rape, although it IS the Mirrorverse, so assume some violence and other unpleasant realities.
why: It's unrequited love mirror-style, but it's kinda beautiful in its own way.

Stealth Attack [location: livejournal]
author: [info]laughter_now
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRT
summary: "It's cold out here." Bones made a grunting sound in the back of his throat, eyes leaving his PADD for a short moment to look Jim up and down. "Probably because you're wearing only half as many clothes as you should. Socks might be a good start." His eyes traveled higher up on Jim's body, lingering on his crotch for a moment. "Underwear, too. I hear it's really an underappreciated part of what's considered decent apparel."
why: Sometimes, we all need to read schmoop. Also, love the mention of Chapel and how she definitely doesn't cower in fear of McCoy.

Swallowed by a Wave (Promises, Promises) [location: AO3]
author: [info]izzyfics
source: AOS
pairing: Rand/Uhura
rating: FRM
summary: In which they're at a beach resort and the waves are large, the sun is warm, and Janice is impulsive.
why: It's a nice, slow angst and it's all for me!!

A Wing and a Prayer [location: AO3]
author: [info]emluv
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRT
summary: Jim Kirk returns from what seemed to be a successful away mission with a mysterious problem.
why: This takes what is usually either a crack plot or badly written and makes it meaningful and approaching something deep.

With My Hands Tied [location: livejournal]
author: [info]mardia
source: AOS
pairing: Kirk/McCoy
rating: FRAO
summary: McCoy doesn't wake up until he hears the click of the handcuffs locking around his wrists. Written to fill this prompt over at [info]st_xi_kink_meme
why: First, I have a thing for both sex pollen fic and angst and this believers both. Also, it seems like a realistic reaction on both the characters parts.

Again, if you have a story you think I'd love, feel free to leave a link here.


Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued

"I thought," said Piglet earnestly, "that if Eeyore stood at the bottom of the tree, and if Pooh stood on Eeyore's back, and if I stood on Pooh's shoulders----"

"And if Eeyore's back snapped suddenly, then we could all laugh. Ha ha! Amusing in a quiet way," said Eeyore, "but not really helpful."

"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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