Non Pairing-Centric Star Trek Rec Master List

This list will be continually added to. However, after the initial posting, I'll be making separate postings with all the updates. Feel free to give me the links to any gen fics you feel that I should recommend.

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TOS = The Original Series. For this category, I also include the first six [6] movies in this.
AOS = Alternate Original Series. This will include any stories based out of the eleventh [11] Star Trek movie and any future sequels with this particular Enterprise crew.

FRC — Fan Rated Suitable For Children
FRT — Fan Rated Suitable For Teenagers
FRM — Fan Rated Suitable For Mature Persons
FRAO — Fan Rated Suitable For Adults Only


Making of an MD, Or Why I Think Bones Was a Boy Genius [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] northatlantic
source: AOS/TOS/TAS
character: Leonard McCoy
why: This is seriously my personal head-canon for McCoy.


Alternatives [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] seren_ccd
source: AOS
rating: FRC
character: Chapel (mentions Chapel/Roger Korby)
summary: The very first recipe Christine attempts all on her own is the one her grandmother passed down for hushpuppies.
why: I have a shameless bullet-proof baking/cooking kink. Sue me.
Anyone Can Whistle [location:]
author: [ profile] minerva_fan
source: TOS
rating: FRT
character: Chapel
summary:It's hard to avoid entanglements aboard a starship. Christine Chapel has a big entanglement passed out on her sofa, and she needs to decide whether she wants to get rid of him or not.
why: This is a very strong, yet tired version of Christine that reads very well.
Double Blind [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] medie
source: AOS
rating: FRT
character: Chapel, Uhura
summary: It all starts with a sneeze.
why: Stop what you're doing and go read this. Seriously. It's got Chapel and Uhura up in there, not only being large and in charge, but holding it all together while the shit hits the fan! And not only that, everyone around them recognizes that they're a godsend. Just, go read it!
Examination [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] somewhatcliche
source: AOS
rating: FRC
character: Kirk, McCoy
summary: Just a one-shot, a quick, PG-rated look into some banter between Kirk and McCoy as patient and doctor.
why: It's a moment where they stop and realize how serious this shit really is, and how it's not just all fun and games.

Fathers [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] jazzonia
source: AOS
rating: FRT
character: George Kirk, Sarek, McCoy
summary: Prompt: I don't know, I'd just like to see some Reboot dads being The Best Dad In The World to their respective offspring. Please?
why: While my dad didn't rock, my husband rocks as a dad, so it's nice to see that as opposed to all the crappy fathers that get written.

The Fistbump is Non-Optional [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] mekosuchinae
source: AOS
character: Kirk, McCoy, Spock
rating: FRC
summary: This was why he was captain, and also awesome.
why: Because I can so believe that the AOS Kirk is this dorky, especially when drunk. The mention of McCoy!brows vs. Spock!brows doesn't hurt, either.

Five Kisses McCoy Gets from the Crew and One He Gives [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] jimpage363
source: AOS
character: McCoy, Ensemble
rating: FRC
summary: see the title, please.
why: It's both funny and heartbreaking.

Five Times Bones Just Knows [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] rockinhamburger
source: AOS
characters: Kirk, McCoy
rating: FRT
summary: Jim vaguely wonders how he managed before Bones came into his life.
why: Though it's listed as Kirk/McCoy by the author, it reads more friendship than anything to me. Of course you can read between the lines, which I choose to do. However, I didn't want to mislead you. It's very touching, IMO.

Friendly Interference [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] iulia_linnea
source: AOS
rating: FRC
character: Chapel, McCoy, Spock
summary: Christine is never too tired to promote team cohesion.
why: Part of me just loves when people work with other people's personalities to get shit done. Chapel does this wonderfully in this fic.

I Learned How to Write It When I First Started School [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] alphabet26
source: AOS
character: Kirk, Uhura
rating: FRC
summary: Kirk rolled his eyes. "I heard you. It wasn't a 'please repeat yourself' what. It was a 'why do you think you have to apply?' what."
why: It shows a nice glimpse into Uhura and shows how non-antagonistic her interaction with Kirk can be.

Porn Night on the USS Enterprise! [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] near_family
source: AOS
character: ensemble
rating: FRM
summary: Jim decides the Enterprise needs a Porn Night and that Spock's porn-watching-virginity needs to be taken! Also: just what is Bones up to???
why: Not to spoil it for you, but STD PORN BINGO!!! That's reason enough, for me.

Per Ardua, Per Aspera [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] azephirin
source: AOS
character: Chapel, Gaila, McCoy
rating: FRC
summary: Somehow they are alive.
why: Because who really wants Gaila to be dead, honestly?

Potential [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] moogsthewriter
source: AOS
rating: FRC
character: Kirk, Scotty
summary: Kirk and Scotty, authority
why: It's Scotty! He'd do anything for his ship, even follow the orders of some kid! I might be far too excited about that.
Rescue Me [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] blue_scribbles
source: AOS
rating: FRT
character: Uhura, Scotty/Uhura hinted, referenced Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Spock if you tilt your head only slightly
summary: The Enterprise is attacked, and Uhura becomes a prisoner. She has a surprising rescuer.
why: It's well written and I'm really starting to love Scotty/Uhura. That, and sometimes, it's not the Captain and Spock rescuing someone.

Riyeht-o'noi [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] medie
source: AOS
character: T'Pring
rating: FRC
summary: To them, she is T'Sai T'Pring, Aduna Spock...
why: This is a version of T'Pring I could love beyond words. She's strong, capable, and very real. She's not the wicked witch, she's not the cheating shrew, she's a woman trying to be true to herself and refusing to be what others would make her into. She is definitely HBIC!

Search and Rescue [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] _seven_crows
source: AOS
character: Kirk, McCoy, Spock
rating: FRT
summary: "You think they've been keeping Jim for twelve hours by asking politely?"
why: It's a nice, short piece about McCoy and Spock charging in to rescue Kirk.

The Size of His Dream [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] taraljc
source: AOS
rating: FRC
character: McCoy
summary: Leonard McCoy was not what Christopher Pike expected.
why: As if I didn't like McCoy enough, this one really makes me feel for him. Given how he was at the beginning of the movie, I could definitely see this as how he joined up.

Termites in the Captain's Log or Meanwhile, in Another Part of the Galaxy [location: public archive]
author: Lynda Carraher
source: TOS
rating: FRC
character: Ensemble
summary: So, have you ever wondered why the Enterprise is always "the only ship close enough" or if anything ever happens anywhere else in the Federation?
why: It's funny and cute. You have to love Kirk's impatience.

Things that the Enterprise Crew are No Longer Allowed to Do [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] kuroi_atropos
source: AOS
characters: Ensemble
rating: FRT
summary: Just a few of the things that the Enterprise Crew have tried.
why: It's far too funny.

Tryin' to chase the Lone Ranger down [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] tigriswolf
source: AOS
rating: FRT
character: Kirk, McCoy
summary: inevitable
why: Go get your heart broken in 200 words.

Verbosity [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] lune_and_asters
source: AOS
character: McCoy
rating: FRC
summary: Speech affects Bones more than one would expect.
why: It gives a nice explanation about why McCoy likes some people and not others.

Whither Thou Goest [location: livejournal]
author: [ profile] medie
source: AOS
character: T'Pring
rating: FRC
summary: For this moment she will honor Amanda's way and not her own.
why: You read this, and you will start to fall for T'Pring if you haven't already. What I really love about this is the closeness that T'Pring and Amanda shared. Beautiful!

A Wing and a Prayer [location: AO3]
author: [ profile] emluv
source: AOS
character: Kirk
rating: FRT
summary: Jim Kirk returns from what seemed to be a successful away mission with a mysterious problem.
why: This takes what is usually either a crack plot or badly written and makes it meaningful and approaching something deep.

Again, if you have a story you think I'd love, feel free to leave a link here.

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