Sep. 24th, 2007

The little white lies you tell your children

This morning, while getting my girl ready for school, I told her that her Winnie the Pooh shoes had to be fixed, so she had to wear her Disney Princess shoes. See the problem is that her Pooh shoes just fit at the beginning of the year, and Friday she came home with a red mark on the side of her foot because they were too tight. Yeah, I felt kinda awful for telling that fib.

In other news, my man still manages to spoil us even while deployed. Today I got the soundtrack from Stephen King's Sleepwalkers which he had ordered for me. Apparently, my daughter and I have more things coming in the mail. Yeah, we're so very spoiled. Of course, if I were really spoiled, he would have sent the comics he ordered for himself here so I could read them first. He's catching up on the last crisis storyline before the next one comes. Because of this, for some reason, he's picking up Mad Love. In honor of this, I show off my new icon. It has to be my all time favorite comic book pairing.

Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued

"I thought," said Piglet earnestly, "that if Eeyore stood at the bottom of the tree, and if Pooh stood on Eeyore's back, and if I stood on Pooh's shoulders----"

"And if Eeyore's back snapped suddenly, then we could all laugh. Ha ha! Amusing in a quiet way," said Eeyore, "but not really helpful."

"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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