Aug. 17th, 2009

Dresden, now there's a wizard!

Jim Butcher has the cover for his 12th Dresden Files book, Changes, up, check it out.

Let's be paranoid about spoilers together. )

Aug. 22nd, 2008

Something To Think About

In Love With Death
The Twilight of American fiction.
By Gina R. Dalfonzo

It's a review about the Twilight series that I am absolutely in love with.

Jul. 21st, 2008

Harry Dresden & Jack Reacher: The fictional men I love.

Blurb about book #10. So, anyone else thing April 2009 is way too far away?

Anyway, I picked up the latest of Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels. My love for Reacher knows no bounds. Just... yeah. Also, Lee Child really keeps it together and manages to write a series of books where you could pick up reading anywhere in the series and not be lost, while not making so those of us reading in order want to spork out our eyes [Alan Dean Foster, I'm looking at you].

Anyone else reading the Dresden Files or Jack Reacher series?

Jul. 20th, 2008

Review [sorta]: My Name is Earl & Lick of Frost

Okay, so my husband rented the first season of My Name is Earl last night. I had never seen this show because it looked about stupid. Well, we ended up watching the first 14 freaking episodes last night. It was freaking hilarious. It's like a Kevin Smith movie in a way: on paper it seems like the kind of thing I would absolutely hate, but when put into action, I love it.

Now, for a little secret [nothing to do with My Name is Earl]. I read Laurell K. Hamilton books. You see, I got started on the Anita Blake series back when I was a teen walking to the nearest library and borrowing as many books as I could fit into my deep coat pockets [10 average size paperbacks, if anyone's interested]. Does anyone remember those first few books? They had plot, and Richard didn't make ya wanna slice and dice a fictional character? So do I.

Now I read because it's a compulsion. I started the series and got more than 3 books in, so I have to complete it. Just like if I own two or more seasons of a show, I must own them all. Anyway, I started the Merry Gentry series because... I was desperate for something to read. Anyway, it had plot at the beginning.

Guess what? I found plot again in Lick of Frost! Granted, it's not a great plot, and Merry is even more of a Sue than ever [who doesn't want her now?], but there is a shred of a plot.


Should the presence of plot in a LKH book be considered a spoiler for those who haven't read it?

Apr. 3rd, 2008

I so need to run out to the book store!

Small Favor is out.

I have a new laptop.

These are two reasons for me to be bouncing like a sugared-up toddler!

I'm feeling good.

Feb. 19th, 2008

And let us squee

Just finished off the first four chapters online of Small Favor. You can check it out here.

I'm so ready for this book to be out. Looks like we got another big bad and we might just see Gentleman Johnnie Marcone! I'm such a fangirl.

Jan. 21st, 2008

Just a question...

You ever had a dream that's a sequel to a dream you had years and years ago? I do, on occasion. Thing is, the houses and such are always much smaller in the sequel. I'm sure I could make a comment on how we outgrow things as we get older, the world starts to seem much smaller, or, how everything seems so big and overwhelming as a child.

However, I'm only going to comment on how fucking odd the sequels seem, and wonder if I'm not creative enough to come up with original dreams.

Also, I'm reading Approaching Oblivion by Harlan Ellison. I was slightly put off by the forward, though. Kinda makes me want to rant about people who come off as so jaded that they refuse to see they are part of the problem they're bitching about. I'll probably rant on that later.

Aug. 16th, 2007

Went to Borders.

I picked up Deathly Hallows, which reminds me that I have some Jim Butcher books as well as some Hal Duncan books to read.

Fuck it, I don't have to read it until we get to the Lily chapter of our pre-history stories.

*sigh* When does the next Dresden Files book come out?

On a side note: IJ, why did you not connect for me? I missed you. eta: reason why. Please to be ignoring the fact that I actually commented there on my missage.

Aug. 10th, 2007


I'm really kinda more than in love with this article by Daniel Hemmens.

Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued

"I thought," said Piglet earnestly, "that if Eeyore stood at the bottom of the tree, and if Pooh stood on Eeyore's back, and if I stood on Pooh's shoulders----"

"And if Eeyore's back snapped suddenly, then we could all laugh. Ha ha! Amusing in a quiet way," said Eeyore, "but not really helpful."

"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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