Jan. 7th, 2008


My baby went back to school today. While I miss her, I was so ready for her to go back. She's just not a happy camper when she doesn't have school.

Sep. 26th, 2007

Funny shit

Well, it's funny to me. Today at the bus stop, the mother of my girl's best friend was running late. Turns out she had gotten a call from the school about her daughter. On the playground, there was a boy eating mulch [no fucking clue why, don't ask]. When she couldn't get him to stop, her daughter held him down and covered him in the mulch.

She probably didn't find it funny, but I busted a gut when I got home. When she was telling the story, I couldn't help but think that I was happy it wasn't my girl. Seriously, mulch? Bwahahaha

In other news, I had to pick up a lunch box for my girl because there are days when she doesn't eat anything at school [I mentioned this already]. She fell in love with it.

Sep. 25th, 2007


Today was hot and sticky. Then I got my jury summons in the mail. Yeah, not a great start. To top it off, found out from my daughter, about the time we were giving her a bath, that she didn't eat lunch. She just picked up her tray, sat down, drank her milk, then threw the rest away. Gr.

So, tomorrow, my mom and I are going out to pick up a lunch box/bag, some vegetable sticks, lunch meat, a thermos for hot foods and stuff like that. Yeah, I'm going to have to start packing my daughter's lunches. This could get difficult.

So, how was your day?

Sep. 24th, 2007

The little white lies you tell your children

This morning, while getting my girl ready for school, I told her that her Winnie the Pooh shoes had to be fixed, so she had to wear her Disney Princess shoes. See the problem is that her Pooh shoes just fit at the beginning of the year, and Friday she came home with a red mark on the side of her foot because they were too tight. Yeah, I felt kinda awful for telling that fib.

In other news, my man still manages to spoil us even while deployed. Today I got the soundtrack from Stephen King's Sleepwalkers which he had ordered for me. Apparently, my daughter and I have more things coming in the mail. Yeah, we're so very spoiled. Of course, if I were really spoiled, he would have sent the comics he ordered for himself here so I could read them first. He's catching up on the last crisis storyline before the next one comes. Because of this, for some reason, he's picking up Mad Love. In honor of this, I show off my new icon. It has to be my all time favorite comic book pairing.

Aug. 29th, 2007


It's my baby's first day of school. So far I've been surviving it. Though, my has been counting the hours she's been gone, and I've been counting the hours until she gets back.

Aug. 19th, 2007

My day...

Went to a bridal shower for my cousin. My daughter wanted to leave with half the decorations. We all got too much candy in our gift-bags.

Also, my brother thought it was a baby shower and called and asked our cousin when she was planning on telling him that she was pregnant [they're closer than he and I are]. She laughed so hard she had to hang up and call him back later.

All in all, it was a good, but tiring day. I'm off to bed now.

Tomorrow, I convert all my caps for Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead so I can post them to [info]iheartcaps. I've already put up 3 movies there. I'll be putting up more as time goes on.

Aug. 16th, 2007

Where I get mah funneh

So, it's time to get my girl ready for bed, and I'm giving my mom a hard time, jokingly trying to guilt her into getting little one ready. Side note: I don't normally live at home with mommy, but I do while hubby is deployed. Anyway, she starts getting her ready, and walks back out to the living room and the following conversation takes place:
[info]lilbreck: I was just joking, I can get her ready.
Momma: *while grabbing some thing from the hall closet* Nah, I'm already in there.
[info]lilbreck: *unable to resist* Actually, you're not. You're currently in the closet! *bursts out in giggles*
Momma: Why, you... *comes after me with clothes hangers*
[info]lilbreck I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I love you, mommy dearest!

I... guess you had to be there.

Not 2 minutes later, I hear my daughter calling, "Grandma, it's time to dry my butt with the toilet paper!*"

I look up and there's my girl hobbling into the living room, shirt hiked up and panties around her knees. I couldn't stop laughing.

*Yes, she can wipe herself, she just likes to be contrary sometimes, and, no, she doesn't do this when we have guests.

Making a Loud Noise Until Rescued

"I thought," said Piglet earnestly, "that if Eeyore stood at the bottom of the tree, and if Pooh stood on Eeyore's back, and if I stood on Pooh's shoulders----"

"And if Eeyore's back snapped suddenly, then we could all laugh. Ha ha! Amusing in a quiet way," said Eeyore, "but not really helpful."

"Well," said Piglet meekly, "I thought----"

"Would it break your back, Eeyore?" asked Pooh, very much surprised.

"That's what would be so interesting, Pooh. Not being quite sure till afterwards."

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